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Septic Tanks Specialists Generally when people are talking about Septic Tanks or Cesspits they are unaware that the law is changing in 2020. As well as councils being unlikely to permit a like for like replacement before that point. Basically if you need a new septic system you will be likely required to install a sewerage treatment plant.

What’s the difference between a septic tank, cesspit, and a sewerage treatment plant?

Essentially a Cesspit is a single chambered vessel that collects and holds your waste and needs emptying regularly. A Septic Tank is a two-chambered tank that separates solids and liquids using gravity. The heavy waste sinks leaving the liquid at the top which passes to the second chamber. The Soakaway system or Drainage Field then receives the discharge from the second chamber. A Sewerage Treatment Plant is more sophisticated. It operates two chambers with a filter and pump between which keeps all of the nasty stuff on one side and a non-polluting clean liquid on the other. The Soakaway then receives the clean discharge which is then emitted. Basically, a sewerage treatment plant is good the others are bad for the environment. 

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Septic Tank Installation UK

We are based in the New Forest, Hampshire but operate throughout  Hants, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, and Berkshire. We will venture further afield, just give us a call for the best value quote you will receive delivered by our expert engineers. Please go to our in-depth Installation page.

Septic Tank Problems:

Give us a call we may be able to help you over the phone. Failing that for more complicated issues we can dispatch an engineer to investigate. Please check out our Problems page as well!

Septic Tank Maintenance: 

Legally you have to have your tank serviced annually and emptied to avoid any pollution. We can help you here and offer a no-fuss annual servicing plan.


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